• a purpose, a process, a standing ovation of memoirs on memories on underdeveloped associations a rise: an echo into a reflection a fall: a crescendo of an invasion culls unfurled, resound in waves containing connections between now & then
  • a purpose, a process, a pressure of recollection a bottle tapped a flame in tact a joined space undone onto two slits of slipping of dipping of finding the leverage to keep seeing and spinning and fleeing from homage
  • what places value on an image if an image disappears? what is a memory without doubt? a remembering without regret? a space without a filling? a time without a boundary? a breath without a gaze?
  • can an image of memory be bound into matter? no image is precious enough to be captivated into eternity
  • hey water meet sky hey sun of an eye an endless array becoming itself complete sea onto cliff water into sky earth together come apart a leap lined to see through to the end that begins time in love

Is it possible that the future has the power to pull the present?

The project INELIMENTAL employs light to offer a new way of seeing through the shadows of two worlds. The images are selected from hundreds of double exposed analog films, shot as a personal record of experience over the last three years in 13 countries including Australia, Bulgaria, Italy, Thailand, Spain and the USA. The improbable combination of elements captured on film, brings life to a series of phantasmal memories and impossible mixtures of experience and vision. Nature and cityscapes merge with human figures, monuments and rituals, thereby conceiving a documentary un-reality made possible only by the meeting of two separate time-spaces. The spontaneous decision-making in the shooting process transcends mental logic by instead relying on an elementary intuitive response. Ultimately, this trust in a subconscious mechanism allows for the synchronistic alignment of spaces across points in time, while pointing to a metaphysical interconnection between the undeveloped film and the undeveloped aspects of the collective and personal memory.

Joteva is an intermedia artist born in Sofia in 1990. She studied photography and visual arts in Santa Monica College and Australian National University; and in 2013 obtained a BA in Fine Arts with a focus on intermedia from the University of Southern California. Her creative practice intersects a wide range of mediums: from experimental photography to audio-visual installations, process-based performances and site-specific sculptures. She has exhibited her works in solo shows in Bulgaria, Australia and the USA.