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Alexander Valchev

The Reminiscences series was conceived in a conversation with the curator Stefania Yanakieva. The main task of the project, was to express the spiritual nature of the portrayed person, and catch the dignity and inner beauty, which are distinctive features of the Renaissance portraits. The Photographs serve as evidence that every ordinary man might stand with dignity. People nowadays are not so much different from those who lived 500 years a. Maybe they’ve only lost their quietness and the faith of the Renaissance man that he is the most perfect creation of d.

*reminiscence ‐ / lat. reminiscentia/ ‐ reverberation of somebody else`s work in poetry, music, fine arts, etc.   

Alexander Valchev was born in Sofia in 1973, Bulgaria. He has MFA in Sculpture from the National Art Academy (1998) and a Master's degree in Photography from the New Bulgarian University (2013). He works mainly in the field of photography and drawing. He is interested in topics such as dignity of the individual, communication and alienation between people, the influence of the media environment and the creation of new mythologies. His work has been featured in exhibitions and prestigious institutions including: The Month of Photography in Vienna, Ljubljana and Bratislava and The Biennial of Young Artists, Bucharest, Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia Arsenal - Museum of Contemporary Art, ethe Institute Sofia. His works are part of the collections of the National Art Gallery and Sofia City Art Gallery as well as private collections.